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  2. Well, with the horses..... they showed a few abbattoirs in Queensland and the arse's that treated the horses badly. They didn't show any horse stud's that treated the animals badly. They also neglected to report that this didn't happen in NSW and Victoria (proven). NSW and Victoria have laws established to prevent this type of behaviour and various progrmas that take care of race hourses that are no longer required for racing. Pretty much most owners are pretty good, but this report tainted every horse owner in the industry. Biased reporting. I think horse racing should be banned, but what ABC report on is a stretch its not industry wide.
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  4. Are you reinforcing the rear of the garden box that touches on the colourbond fence in order to avoid pushing thr fence out. if so, have you thought of line the rear of the garden bed with Hebel bricks... light/strong and easy to use. And you can glue them in place.
  5. I’m really not sure but yeah I guess it would , But having auto haul means we have a lot more maintenance on the locos and wagons as it’s hard on the gear. I think this week the last loci is being commissioned for auto haul then all 200 and something of our locos are all capable of auto haul duty. Pretty impressive really
  6. Earning some brownie points with some landscaping at home. Building a raised garden bed along 9m of side fence. The garden bed comes out 1m from a Colorbond fence and is 600mm high at highest point (house end) and will be at ground level at other end. The front face of this garden bed is going to be concrete sleepers slid into gal posts. I spent 2 days digging the post holes into sandstone last weekend so I am ****ed if I want to do that this weekend for the back wall against the fence. My plan is to lay a footing and build a block wall, but want to keep it narrow as possible.I see you can get 100 series blocks, which are 90mm wide.My question is, If I don't reinforce it (starter bars and core fill) can I retain soil behind 3 courses of this wall without it falling over into the fence or do I really need to use 200mm blocks?
  7. That must put a hell of a lot of stress on the track.
  8. Yep our trains do not stop for anything on track, hence the big cow mauler on the front if you look back at the picture. Our trains can stop in 8 seconds though now that we have electronic breaking along with the old pneumatic system. If it were just the air system it will take up to 60 seconds to stop.
  9. Agree. Hard to sprain an ankle when you don’t have one. I’m no prosthetics expert, and yes I’m sure they were extremely painful to wear, but wasn’t the whole point that they were designed to be the equivalent (to whose I don’t know) to a leg? And yes, gaining a longer stride compared to your natural stride I’d view as unfair and a mechanical advantage. How that would ever be proved and regulated I don’t know.
  10. What's your bike time? Can I draft you? 😁
  11. If it's anything like the truck automation, the biggest issue will be the wild-life. I assume in HK & Singapore the trains stop if they see something in front of them. Out here that's likely to be a kangaroo, but there is always the slim chance it could be a person. Then again, I suppose it's pointless trying to stop a 2km long ore train anyway.
  12. Just copy Hong Kong and Singapore. Its already Working there.
  13. Just watched the first 2 episodes. If it wasn’t 1030 I’d watch the lot. Thanks parkie.
  14. AA7

    TriMel Uberman

    Yeh I knew too. It was fun following the insta stories from her crew.
  15. Non drafting, everyone started at once. The same as all races used to be.
  16. Was it a drafting race? Did women and men start together?
  17. Not worried in the least about what happens in the water, just hoping it's fluid getting people away.
  18. Really? Can you show me where this was proven?
  19. go watch a Year in Space on Netflix. awesome Apps Sputnik and ISS Spotter are useful.
  20. Well he is probably right... Look what they did with the greyhound industry, live cattle transport and climate change to name a few. One or two isolated cases and they portray the who industry is bad. This is always proven incorrect after the fact yet the damage has been done. The ABC has moved from quality journalism to sensationalist journalism.
  21. It used to be 1500 people leaving at once on the sound of a hooter in a narrow canal. If you're timid or worried about a rough start, it couldn't have got much worse than that.
  22. I'm in that wave too. I'm guessing these zones are going to be a CF but it is what it is. Unless it isn't. But it is.
  23. I’m working on a project that’s looking at full automation for the trains
  24. Greyman

    TriMel Uberman

    I did, but I'd forgotten she was on this site. Outstanding effort from Mel and her support team. I've known her since her first triathlon at our club. Fantastic young lady. Tip for newbies, if Mel says "let's go for a ride or run, " best you get the full details of how far before you answer. Haha
  25. Half IM Sold Out for Busso, any idea on numbers for full IM?
  26. Our furthered mine from here is 500km, we have 17 mines with a new one coming online in a couple of years, it will be a fully automated mine site. The only thing with auto haul is, is that it is incredibly hard on the gear, they only know go or stop, so we see a lot more wear on gear due to this. But yes it’s cool to see a fully loaded 2.4km long train coming into our yard and no ones on board. We then stop it (well Perth does) then our drivers board and take them to the port
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