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  2. Just finished Giri / Haji on Netflix. WOW. Simply the best TV drama/crime thriller series I've ever seen. Writing, directing, art direction, music and characters are on another level as is the casting/acting. It's an 8 episode season and we started the final episode without a clue about how it was going to work out. There are several points in the plot where the story takes a sudden turn only to flip in an entirely different direction a couple of seconds later. Definitely the best thing on Netflix by a mile.
  3. Is the sincerity of the NYT article highlighted by Paul actually being questioned anywhere? The article states the name, age and home town of the deceased, plus a little info about each one, what they enjoyed doing, hobbies ect. The article has no mention of politics at all.
  4. Not worth discussing him He's not even yesterdays news.
  5. Zwift badge: Achterban: 48.1km, 2hr06, 992mtrs, 181 av watts.
  6. More like opposed to common sense.
  7. Perhaps the sincerity of the New York Times might have been more believable were it not for 'articles' like this: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/26/opinion/coronavirus-trump.html
  8. The New York Times quickly corrected their error and all later editions of the paper were amended and an apology printed. There online edition was also amended.
  9. Please don't behave like a contrary ****er just for the sake of it. Or attempt to put words in my mouth. I pointedly stated my initial NYT post was apolitical, as have been my subsequent responses. Deliberately or otherwise, you wish to ignore the merit of the piece to make some obscure and irrelevant point. I stand by what I've written. Nothing more to say.
  10. Hopefully they didn’t think it was you.... FM
  11. Watching it just reinforces my thoughts on Lance. I know a few people that have NFI FM
  12. Here we go... 'You disagree with me politically, which means you don't care about other people as much as I do' Want a sugar cube for your high horse?
  13. Do you feel like your run fitness has improved much through the 30 days?
  14. FFS. The New York Times front page endeavours to humanise and pay respect to the enormity of 100 000 people whose lives have been lost. To provide solace and compassion to the many families left behind, and to a city that has grieved this year like no other on the planet. Yet your only response is to hone in on an inaccuracy that represents 0.001% of the gravity and tragedy. Perhaps you could read through the other 999 names, (of those to which you don't object), and give thought to the words of those who loved them and will forever feel their loss. Then read it all again. Then read it another 98 times in an attempt to comprehend the enormity of so many people's suffering. Then consider the propriety of your responses.
  15. Zoom meeting that included the CEO, junior ministerial staff and some other members of the head shed and every time I unmuted my mike to make a comment or answer a question, there in the background are the dulcet tones of my dog snoring his head off while sleep in the sunshine coming through the window of my home office. Priceless looks on various people’s faces as to what and where the noise was coming from.
  16. Getting in twice a day at the moment. In the morning before I start work, just do about 600-800m after an early ride or run. Then run across on my lunch break and do about 1km. It's going to really suck going back on site to work.
  17. Just about 500m south of lifesavers. Our place is 2mins walk from the beach.
  18. You can’t get to the top with out making some enemies. I get what people are saying, but I also like the way he’s moving forward & trying new things etc.
  19. IronJimbo


    Probably because those people are opposed to authoritarianism
  20. I have moments where I think he knows the damage he has caused, and is willing to accept the backlash from it, and be self aware, but there is that thing in the back on my mind that cant shake the lies of 15 years, the careers he has ruined, and the personal vandettas he has had. He could have been a beacon for all the fans of cycling, coming completely clean, and helping the sport wash the sins of past, but he doesnt, and all his mates around him must be equally toxic for the sport.
  21. Don’t bother watching it either. just more half truths. he is farked up That’s a certainty.
  22. I don't have one of those but I'm always up for trying new things! 😉
  23. In our house theyre also known as husband 😉
  24. Sorry for pointing out the #fakenews in your article Perhaps you should choose a more reliable source
  25. I swing between thinking he's just a sick sociopath & feeling sorry for him. Alcoholics on both sides of the family; a mother who gave him no guidance; a supposedly semi-mad stepfather.. He's not & never will be a happy individual.
  26. I could have done with a smart paint roller! 😎
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