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  2. What we should do is get all the people who believe in climate change to sell their houses and cash in their super and other assets and invest in this great fix. The rest of us can sit back and see what happens. For the record, I much rather fix the issue with plastics in the ocean......... That at least is something that is fixable.
  3. Scientific project run out of Sydney University.
  4. Obviously you don't usually watch it. #ijbs
  5. What’s the Energy lab?
  6. We've left a lot of greatness in the form of sweat on the baking asphalt of Buffalo in January. If nothing else, we're still full of great memories. 😉
  7. did I tell you about the time AP chased me through the Energy lab???
  8. That's me! Well could be but Im a she & we dont know each other
  9. To confirm, I'll always think you're great.
  10. Ex-Hasbeen

    Froome GONE

    Most of the skin off comes from sliding along the ground. I suppose the sudden stop meant that didn't happen.
  11. We love drugs in the Shire, have they thought of entering Kurnell, could pull into the leagues club on the way through and get a fresh batch from the gazelles boot.
  12. Yeah, it's usually 33% Labor, 33% Green and 33% conservative #abcbalance
  13. Ahhhhh, so THIS is why they got me the "Does not play well with others" T-shirt....
  14. And it's well known how great I am so I rarely mention it these days. 😉
  15. This is going about as well as the politics thread
  16. BarryBevan


    can the wizards ship john wall to anyone Jimmy butler in NO leading all the talent
  17. Turts

    Froome GONE

    Especially given the thing Peter quoted above, with reference to C7 fracture. Maybe good.drugs and a clean photo op for the sponsors? You'd think some obvious dings or scrapes. Or not.........
  18. Riddos


    The West is more open then it's been in years and the Thunder are all about shedding talent and picks to lower their luxury tax, their fans must be sick of those owners. Wonder what that team could have become as the Sonics in Seattle with all the $$ that's come into that city in the last 10 years. Draft day tomorrow!
  19. Are you talking about dr sing who ducked up cycling in Perth
  20. symo

    Fake news advances

    its moving fast and in multiple directions link
  21. Yeah but as Geri Halliwell said “I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha)I wanna really, really, really wanna zigazig ah”
  22. Just highlight it when they are wrong, it drives them nuts. They then start with the personal insults or bragging about how great they are. This of course won’t help u, because The Customer is never wrong.
  23. Limited

    Froome GONE

    He looks pretty good for someone that hit a wall at over 50kmh. Where is all the bark off, bruises and neck brace?
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