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  2. BHG6 Road bike

    Wife is pretty cool, not too worried about $$ just space, so I only get limited storage room, there are only so many hooks on teh wall in the garage. I can fill the hooks but no more, so it has to be one bike out one bike in. This means from time to time when I want a bike in but don't want to get rid of another, a bike might get stripped down and stored as parts, because well you know, when is a bike a bike and when is it just a stack of parts. But when those parts come together and become a bike and then are sold then that means a new bike can come into the fold. Its like magic.
  3. BHG6 Road bike

    I currently have a Propel frame that I moved the D/A bits over to, not sure why its no better, I just wanted a change and wanted to try a propel. I am waiting on the new FELT's to come in then will probably get a Disc brake roadie.
  4. Road bike for daughter??

    Depending how confident she is, maybe something flat for day 1. You could even pull them off an existing bike.
  5. Road bike for daughter??

    OK, just a quick question re pedals. I'm not gonna get her clip-ins, but should I just go flat commuter pedals or something with a toe strap?
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  7. Garmin 735 training effect

    I think the aerobic relates to your average hr for whole session so your 4 min recoveries and rest between intervals...i know when i do vo2 sessions with equal work/ rest and warm up/ cool down my avg hr can be very low overall.. the training effect number is what's important here( if you believe it has merit) and that seems to indicate a benefit.. To get a training effect that high on a true aerobic workout would need to be very long or longer than your previous workout history on the watch
  8. Incidences of someone driving a vehicle into people have increased over the last few years. It clearly requires little technical background or planning, and only one person who needs little contact with others, and only the beliefs of those they follow. It must be difficult to defend against as there can be little trail leading to someone planning this - no arms or supplies purchases. Just ownership of, or the hire of a vehicle. I dare say I think these types of attacks are going to increase significantly in the future as radicalised individuals see they don't need to be part of a network. My sympathies for those in Barcelona and Charlottesville.
  9. BHG6 Road bike

    Looks like a hell of a deal... is this the price Mrs Roxii think you paid for it...? 😁
  10. The Politics Thread

    she said it was to point out issues with security and then threw in the oppression statement. I mean this last week the focus has been on the citizen debate, conspiracy theories, a postal meaningless plebiscite,, shorpants indiscretions as a Union leader and now this. nothing that really matters to those who pay these idiots their salaries.
  11. Garmin 735 training effect

    possibly your heart rate zone settings. did you set them yourself or did you use their formula. ?
  12. Garmin 735 training effect

    Hey those who know..... I'm wondering about the training effect data on my Garmin FR 735. Today I taught a high intensity interval class, and pushed hard through all max efforts. 5x90 with 45 secs rest, 5x45 with 22 secs off, then a tabata set of 8x20 with10 secs rest. 4 mins recovery between each. When looking at data on Garmin connect, the circular graphic for trsining effect never shows anaerobic, daspite an online tutorial showing it. The image below shows what I see. It's only a minor issue, as I find the time in zones graph much more useful, but I hate thinking that I'm missing out! Any tips?
  13. The Politics Thread

    I liken this stunt (and it was a stunt) to the Cronulla Riots. If there was some seething undercurrent of views in Australia, best that it be brought to the front and debated, rather than continue to seethe and distract. What I learned today was what I knew beforehand. Pauline is a tool who represents some people and has a point-of-view - people knew that before and she just made herself and these people look more ignorant. I don't agree with the burqa or the naqib as I consider them the clothes of oppression, but it's not my place (nor Pauline's) to tell people what to believe or how to dress.
  14. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    Margherita ... with pineapple! Nom nom!
  15. Tour of Spain 2017

    Didn't he win tdu and about 50 other races?
  16. Utopia

    When you achieve organic growth of key metrics, the operating rythym can deliver low hanging fruit that otherwise wouldn't be identified except through deep dive.
  17. Lifesavers are being sued

    "Workplace" more accurately describes it, as it covers the workplace and all those in/around it, not just the workers; where-as "occupational" makes it sound like it only covers the workers.
  18. BHG6 Road bike

    Sounds like a trowel and pitch fork!
  19. TV Shows

    Defenders out tomorrow night, and I think S4 of the last ship is Sunday.
  20. TV Shows

    Don't watch GOT. Wifey isn't into fantasy stuff like this. Though she's been watching Vikings so I think I can get her to give it another go.
  21. TV Shows

    Have you seen it yet? I just finished. 10 days till the next one
  22. BHG6 Road bike

    I like that bike... what are you replacing it with?
  23. Utopia

    As someone who works in IT, the recent episode of the 'Cloud' migration experts had me laughing ...too much of it was on the money.
  24. The Politics Thread

    So, now it's the two top NP pollies who are proven dual citizens and shouldn't have been in Parliament. I hope Tony Burke was serious when he said the Labor party had all this sorted before they allow someone to run for them. Cause this has just been egg on the face embarrassing for MT after having a go at the greens.
  25. Townsville Triathlon

  26. Utopia

    I was on a panel this evening and at drinks before we kicked off was talking to a QLD govt employee...one of the first things they said was "have you seen Utopia?"...I will watch asap.
  27. Lifesavers are being sued

    I think it's to make the focus about the employer and not the employee. E.g. Personnel Department going to Human Resources - it changed the mindset to that of being about the company, not the individual.
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