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  2. Same here Rob , my last rotation is to wear for gardening then the bin .... I was only teasing 😚
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  4. Somebody must be gunning for a mention in marketing textbooks. This'll do it.
  5. Ironnerd

    Iron deficiency

    Definitely have a blood test. If you have low iron talk to your doc to ensure that there isn't anything nasty causing it. This is a great article on how much iron endurance athletes need. https://www.outsideonline.com/2397065/how-much-iron-is-enough-for-athletes Be patient it took me nearly 6 months of iron tablets to get my levels to "normal". I tolerate iron tablets well with no side effects.
  6. That's strange, I thought the 7's (and 6's) were a good improvement for the GT2000s after Asics seemed to lose their way a few years back. Likewise I love the last couple of years of DS Trainers too, after previous ones were a bit off. I've also got a great pair of Noosa FF, that I rotate through.
  7. I’m back in Adrenalins now as well. was solidly in the GT1000/2000 camp until ASICS “improved” them (series 7, I think) to be like bricks as Cottoneyes says. Still have the series 5 GT 2000 s I bought of Rox. Off road in a pair of Salomon Ultra Pro.
  8. I think I beat that this year
  9. Anyone heading down towards Wilsons Prom at all or South Gippsland in general, Koonwarra park run is one I'd highly recommend. Out and back course along a great section of the Great Southern Rail Trail. June long weekend each year there are 4 parkruns in a day on a Sunday (all non-official), Inverloch, Koonwarra, Mirboo North and generally one a bit further north in the valley, first 3 are some of the best parkruns you will do, starting with a course alongside the beach, then rolling green hills before a course through some old established forests. Will only be bettered when the Rail Trail extension is completed in a year or so and the new parkrun a few of us have in mind will be up and running.
  10. Ran in Brooks Adrenalines for a long time, fell out with Brooks so went looking for other shoes. Fell in love with K-Swiss, then they were no more Found Mizuno Waves, went well for around 6 pairs, after a while got a bad pair and didn't seem to like them Back in my 3rd pair of Adrenalines again, they are just the right shoe for me and the local shop looks after me with them (can call the shop tomorrow and tell them what colour I want, pick up the new pair the day after), rotate through 2 pairs day on day. Have one pair of Brooks racing flats I keep up my sleeves for Wonderland trail run each year (when not torrential rain), good for racing, but no good for me as a day to day training shoe. Also still have a pair of Mizuno trail running shoes - incredibly uncomfortable to run in, but look good for casual wear so haven't found the bin just yet Other reflections on shoes (all personal) Asics feel like concrete to run in New Balance feel like boats on my feet Reebok feel inflexible Nikes are my second choice after Brooks Saucony felt good, but didn't seem to get more than half the milage out of them compared to others Don't keep records but guestimate I must have been through 100 pairs over the last 16 years in this sport and running since my last tri - I really miss the old days when Eastbay was a good and cheap place with a strong Aussie dollar to get 3 pairs delivered for the price of 1 pair from the shops here
  11. Runners are consumables, so they all have a relatively short lifespan. I typically retire them around 800km unless they are showing signs of wear or feeling dead earlier than that. Very easy to use Strava to track mileage for each pair. Having multiple pairs means I can always wait for good deals. So I am never paying full price. Might be more of an upfront cost, but over time I definitely believe I save money. If you only have 1 pair of runners, for the last 200km you are running of old runners. Because it is a gradual demise, you don't notice how much the runners are deteriating. With multiple pairs, each week I am running on a new pair, a middle aged pair and maybe an old pair. I can tell if the old pair need retiring because I have others to compare against. Also I like to run in different styles of runners. I don't want everything to be in overly cushioned shoes, the same as I don't want all runs in minimalist runners either. I can have separate pairs for long runs, tempo runs, trails, etc. My racing shoes can be permanently set up with elastic laces. Sometimes new runners don't end up being that good. No problem, I just relegate them to recovery runs, or runs in bad weather when I prefer to keep my favourite runners clean. Means I can experiment with different styles, different brands.
  12. Rob might be a milipede, have you seen him in real life?
  13. Pops up on my Facebook feed all the time. It's a good distraction from the real world.
  14. Billy Kemper (@ 3:50) won his 4th "Jaws Big Wave Championship" in December. He has the placed wired. Having said that, the swell direction was perfect in that video cause there were a collection of absolutely insane barrels. Thanks Ex- , love watching that stuff.
  15. I’m still in Bali but I leave tonight
  16. Do you own a sports shop or shares in Rebel?
  17. He will be fine. I'd think twice about boxing on with him if there is a crash. He's done his two years national service with the Finnish military where he became " a qualified tank driver, skilled in unarmed combat, self defence skills, several different weapons to enable him to be part of the defence of Finland," should Russia invade........ Again.
  18. Agreed not everyone can go sub 10, but I think the point of the post was, if I want to go sub 10 (I do have some ability) what do I need to do. The make-up of that really depends on your strengths. I just missed on my first attempt, and went nearly 4 hours in the run when I should have been doing 3:30. I think 1hr for the swim & transitions is doable in a good wetsuit swim for anyone who is serious (you will learn to swim properly if you're serious). Like-wise, and as Roxii said, work will get you a 5:20 on the bike, and even quicker on a fast course (or sub 5 if you draft your butt off). The run is the sticky bit for a lot of people. I think if you're not predisposed to running, or endurance sport, you're a real risk of injuring yourself trying to do the training. The other option is of course to wait for a couple of years worth of base to kick in. On second thoughts though, you can do a fair bit of walking and still get a 3:40, so it's not that far off for someone who really wants it.
  19. I don’t for a second believe everyone could go sub 10. I think people are training more serious and better than ever, but we aren’t seeing many more going sub 10 than we did in 2001. in 2001-2007 most average athletes started training New Year’s Day 12 weeks out give or take a few week before forster. now people train 50 weeks a year. sub 10 you’ve either got the ability or not. sub 12 with solid training is certainly possible for 70% of people sub 11!maybe 50% of people could with solid training and diet. that’s my opinion of being in the sport for 25 years.
  20. I hear you Dalai. A lady friend of ours in FNQ is really suffering at the moment with the sudden loss of her hubby before Christmas. Heartbreaking. Just keep hugging your friends and family. FM
  21. Give him a lift home in your car.
  22. Maybe news hasn’t reached Germany.
  23. So are we saying that anyone should be able to go sub 10? I’m really not sure that without some genetic predisposition that everyone can go sub 10. What is the average breakup of a sub 10 ( or a 10 flat) 1, 5.20, 3.40 ? to include transitions and stuff. Those splits take a bit of talent in one or more of the disciplines. I would argue that possibly cycling is the only one where “just work” would get you to that split. And any weakness would only put more pressure on one of the other legs. Thoughts?
  24. Is this taking over from the old HHH days? I suppose with the drink driving laws, HHH don't get as many turn up as they used to.
  25. You need recovery days. But it doesn't have to be a rest day. Some people need a day of no training for the mental rest rather than physical.
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