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    10 March 2018 08:30 PM      11:00 PM

    RunWith: Mates - Training Morning No.1
    COST: Free, however we would encourage a gold coin donation to go towards our community project (breakfast is supplied free by Willie and the team at Runwith:)
    Guest speakers:
    Mark Rossiter from Fit Fast Active (Canberra)
    Mark Will present on what he thinks is a good quality "strength and conditioning" program for the average athlete. It will be 100% based around what we can achieve with things around the house in 15mins a couple of times a week (especially for those of us who are, ah hem, ageing slightly). I have been testing it for a few weeks now with good success (Willie is testing). 
    Alyssa Wilson (RunWith Dietician)
    Alyssa Will present on why diet is important, but isn't worth getting obsessive or stressed about. I asked Alyssa to present something like this because I think too many people are getting caught up in fad diets and putting too much time and energy into it. Alyssa will outline simple steps we can all take to make better choices (especially when we do "take away). 
    0730 - Start off with an easy run in a few groups ranging from 5.15/km through to 6.30/km for approx 45minutes. 
    0820 - all groups return for pancake breakfast with coffee
    0845 - Alyssa Wilson "Stress free diet" with Q&A
    0915 - Mark Rossitter "Strength at home" with Q&A
    0945 - Final wrap up. 
    1000 - RunWith retail opens for shoe fitting and purchases
    I will update this page very soon with a link to register your interest. 
    Willie and the team @RunWith:

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